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Top 5 songs to change your mood and get happy


Not every moment of our lives is euphoric and our emotions aren’t always in control. Perhaps your little one is cranky, and you’re trying to prevent the entire household from becoming a battlefield of temper tantrums and resistance. Maybe it’s Friday, and you’ve been looking forward to the weekend, only to wake up with an unjustifiable chip on your shoulder the size of a house. Maybe you’ve just been emotionally immobile, stuck in a state of disappointment or heartbreak.

Don’t feel guilty or alone. Senior Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church inspires lives and encourages people to live creatively, purposefully and simply. When your day or a life experience tests your mood or happiness, why not turn to music to change the tide? Harmonious melodies and beautiful lyrics may just brighten your grouchy mood or provide solace during moments of vulnerability. Play the following songs when you need to cheer up or find some inspiration.

happy mood
source: Happy Mood

The Beatles: “Blackbird”

When you’ve hit a low place and times of despair, “Blackbird” advises us to take those “broken wings” and “sunken eyes” and learn to fly and see. Even if you feel lost and hopeless in the “dead of night,” resilience is never untouchable or unreachable. It’s a short jingle, but a Beatles classic that evokes sweet and charming melodies of hopefulness and courage.

The Muppets: “Life’s a Happy Song”

You can’t help but smile as soon as “Life’s a Happy Song” starts, especially with lyrics like, “I’ve got everything that I need right in front of me. Nothing’s stopping me…” Appropriately titled, this Muppets’ song is the perfect antidote to a cranky or bored toddler, so turn the volume up and start dancing—lovable actor Jason Segal reminds us, “Life’s a piece of cake… life’s a piece of pie… life’s an easy road.”

Toy Story: “You’ve Got a Friend In Me”

“You got troubles, and I got ‘em too!” The classic “Toy Story” anthem can calm minds, settle stresses and turn hardened hearts softer. Had a strenuous day at work? Feel overwhelmed by troubles? Turn up this tune to restore a childlike perspective and carefree attitude. Remember life is simple, so call up your best friend and chat about the good times.

Fleetwood Mac: “Never Going Back Again”

Fleetwood Mac’s joyous and charming “Never Going Back Again” just makes you want to tap your foot and bop your head from side to side. For two minutes, just shut your eyes, inhale, exhale, and take yourself to a peaceful place where you feel happiest. “Second Hand News” is also an upbeat jam that can move you into a carefree and blissful mood.

Harry Belafonte: “Jump in the Line”

If a back-patio luau or afternoon BBQ from the 1950s were a song, then “Jump in the Line” would be it. With its calypso beats and upbeat lyrics, Harry’s hit will have you clapping, dancing and ready to make a beachy cocktail. For kicks, play “Banana Boat Song (Day-O),” too.

Even Pastor Young knows that our optimism and temperaments can be challenged daily. Young posted on his Facebook page, “Faith that can be trusted is the faith that has been tested.” So trust that what your feeling is normal, but turn-around-able. And smile; life really is a happy song.


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