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Terms of Use & Disclaimer

If you are looking for a resourceful heath guide then welcome to Below are some Terms of Use which we feel you must read before you use our website. Your agreement as well as acknowledgment of the Disclaimer and the Terms of Use set by the website is indicated well when the site is being used. You are free to immediately exit if at all you have no interest of complying and the Disclaimer and the Terms of Use are not acceptable by you. Our job is to bring the best to you via our website.

Without any kind of notice or liability, removal of conditions and terms mentioned within the Terms of Use, or any kind of modification is possible as the website has all the rights at sole discretion. If in case any changes are posted on the website, then they shall be rendered effective immediately after the changes have been posted. You will always be able to find the Terms of Use in the versions that are most recent too. Your acceptance to any kind of changes as such will depend when the Terms of Use are reviewed by you from time to time and an agreement to visit the website subsequently. If all you feel that the terms mentioned are not agreeable then we request you to kindly leave

No Warranties

Without warranty of any kind, implied or either expressed, which does not include but is not limited to non-infringement, merchantability, we promise to have your requirements met for fitness or for any purpose in particular ‘as is’ via information provided on this website. Warranties can be waived off easily when a website of this kind is used.
When making any kind of personal, health, financial or medical decisions users of this particular website are advised not to rely upon any news, opinions or information, expressed or discovered at this website If in case on this website third party opinions are expressed or through advertisements and links opinions are expressed, we do not endorse any. For all the material, accuracy, information available, validity, operability, quality, reliability, content, completeness, timeliness or legality, displayed on our website and also the rest of the websites which are reached via advertisements or links on this website, any such liability or responsibility is disclaimed by

Health and Medical Disclaimer

About the various treatments, medical conditions and diseases and any other info referred to, the data, information or content or information collectively provided on this website is solely provided for the purpose of information. We request you not to take this information as counsel.  To treat any health issue or disease this should not be used for any kind of diagnosis.

No information contained on our website is intended for replacing services of a health professional or a professional who is trained or licensed or for creating a relationship between a patient and a physician.  In the state or the country you live in, this is certainly not a substitute for medical care in a professional form. You will need to consult a primary doctor or a specialist in your country or your state in case you have a concern medically, or have any suspicion of issues related to health.

You herby agree that the above mentioned disclaimer has been well understood and read by you and that any of the owners, authors and promoters of do not accept responsibility for misuse or use of any information availed on this website.  Our website will not be held responsible if you get yourself injured in any way, use techniques, tips, recommendations and advice offered.  Using this website is not permissible if you do not agree with the medical and health disclaimer and are suggested to immediately exit in such a case.

Content Disclaimer

Our website has content that has no intention to malign anything or anyone or religion, individual, organization, ethnic group or club especially those having the intent and the ability to fight back. Our website is not responsible for statements that are defamatory or content interpretation. It is also not responsible for statements that are bound to laws, government or religions from reader-countries of origin and links to websites of third parties. Our website may be linked to other websites which are beyond the website’s control, realm and influence.

As to the completeness, integrity, authenticity, accuracy and value of opinions and information contained we have no warranty or representation. The website shall not be construed in any manner as an endorsement of a third party website by us or of the services and products described by them. It is you who will have to hereby disclaim or assume full responsibility for damage caused by you by visiting other websites and using our website for the same by clicking on advertisements and links. Any advertisements or websites displayed on the website are not endorsed by us. If in case the Terms of Use that concern links to other websites are not agreeable, you are requested to immediately exit the website

Comments on the Website

For any of the comments stated by anyone or for the country laws broken through intent, content of comments and implication, our website will not be held liable or responsible.

Copyright Notice

Our website is subject to the protection under the copyright lawsof the United States as well as other countries. No part of this website can be reproduced including components of any kind, articles, trademarks, website content logos, illustrations, graphics and art work unless and until stated by the website. Strict action will result including criminal and or civil challenges that are legal if without prior permission, our website content is used by users while understanding and acknowledging conditions. For any issues or details get in touch at: admin (at)

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