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Privacy Policy

Personal information is very important to you and this has been understood well and most importantly at The Privacy Policy mentioned herewith will help in informing you as the user what kind of information can be assimilated about yourself and also different ways in which such kind of information is disclosed and used and protected as well. To go through the Privacy Policy in a careful manner, we make a special request. If in case in your jurisdiction, country or state it is lawful to use our website, only then can you do so. Any user who accesses the website from any jurisdiction that has regulations or laws governing the use of the online resource can make the best use of this website. If at all you find this website unlawful then you are requested specifically not to use it at all.

About Using Our Site

We need to tell you that our website is also linked to other third party websites. If at all from our site through a particular link you enter into another website it is necessary to understand that our website is not at all responsible for practices of privacy of the other third party website via a link or an advertisement on You are encouraged by us to visit, look and read all the specific statements of privacy of all the websites as well.

What Information Does Collect About You?

Non-Personal Information Collection

Information about the way you use our website information of the non personal type may be collected by Information of the non-personal kind that cannot be traced back cannot be used for the purpose of identification without the help of extra information. Non personal information includes information like details of all the website pages you have visited while visiting our website for example. This is because this information is not personally associated with you but associated with the browser.

Log Information

Log information is automatically collected by our servers when the website is visited which is considered as non personal information. In information of this type is included the cookies that help in unique browser identification, IP or Internet Protocol address, time and date of request, request for web pages, type of browser and operating system. To help in administering the system, learn the methods in which our website is used by users which also include the viewed pages by the visitor, this kind of information is collected by us. It is possible for us to improve our website with the help of proper identification of the usage of patterns and trends by users. Along with this, our effort also lies in improving the experience of our users, both in terms of ease of use and content.

Personal Information Collection

It is only when information is provided by you to us in a voluntary manner that our website is in a position to collect personal information. Without the aid of any other extra information that is associated with you directly, information like your email address or your name for that matter is termed as personal information. Certain type of information like the optional website URL, name or address of your email are the different kinds of personal information that is collected by the website. Personal information such as this is needed for logging onto the website or for the posting of comments to the site. This personal information proves to be helpful while delivering services that are upgraded and for the sake of website improvement.

What Information Is Shared With Third Parties?

We are fully aware of the fact that the information provided by you is confidential and it is important to retain vital information that has been entrusted upon us. Your permission will always be taken if in case your information has to be shared with another third party. This is just to inform you that any of your personal information will not be sold, shared, rented or loaned out to any other third party without taking your permission. However, please note that your personal information will have to be provided to judicial and law enforcement authorities if at all it is required anytime, which is the only exception. Only government authorities will be provided your personal information if at all needed.

Protection Of Your Personal Information

Your personal information is well stored in a database. We would also like to tell you that there is no kind of security system that cannot be penetrated while reasonable confidentiality and security standards are employed by us. It is difficult for us to guarantee that information supplied to us by you will not be intercepted by any other third party who can in a very unlawful way access or intercept the information in the process of transmission to our website over the internet.

Email Communication

Our customer care or employee care section representatives will need to have access of your information for providing responses on enquiry or any communication sent via email or via email links on our website. It is for the sake of answering your email that your personal information will be used. Updates of the website will be sent to you on request and hence all users who enter their emails for signing up for the updates get responses.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

At our discretion, we have the right to amend or modify the Privacy Policy completely. Immediately after the posting is done the Privacy Policy will be effective. If you want to be aware of any kind of policy changes then you will have to keep reviewing the policy periodically. You access to the website continually will be deemed or considered as an acceptance that is conclusive of any modifications and or amendments.

Acceptance Of Privacy Policy

To signify that our Privacy Policy is acceptable to you, all that you need to do is use our website.


Please feel free to send us an email for any queries or questions related to our Privacy Policy at: admin (at)

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