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Travel Nursing – Helping Where It’s Needed Most


The demand for nurses has never been higher. Both nationally and internationally, the need for quality healthcare continues to grow. According to Transitions Abroad, the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that nurses account for more than 50 percent of the health personnel in every country around the globe. The world continues to face various health rises, and nurses are the people on the ground addressing these problems.

types of travel nursing jobs
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If you’re a registered nurse (RN), or are currently seeking your qualifications, you’re in a unique position. Your abilities give you the opportunity to work almost anywhere in the world. Nurses who choose to become travel nurses — those who make a living traveling to different places and nursing — are in high demand. You can go almost anywhere you like and find a job helping those that need it most.

National Travel

Travel nurses are hired frequently in the United States, as shifting hospital needs necessitate the hiring of temporary staff. Hospitals enjoy the flexibility of not having someone on the payroll permanently, yet being able to have qualified staff on-hand when demand is high. According to the New York Times, this market for travel nurses originated about 30 years ago. People heading to warmer climates for the winter needed healthcare, and the travel nurse was born.

Travel nurses usually work for a travel nursing agency, which then connects them with jobs and accommodations around the country. Hospitals generally prefer to hire from agencies because they guarantee the qualifications of agency nurses.

Working for an agency provides you with options. The company will let you know of different jobs, and you make the decision to go where you want. This means you can help elderly people in Florida, inner-city kids in Chicago or fisherman in Alaska. The jobs are always temporary, but some could turn into permanent positions if you decide to settle down. There are some great nurse mortgage programs and benefits you can use to help nurses build sustainable life in most states.

International Travel

According to Travel Nursing Central, international travel nursing is not as popular as taking work in the United States, which is why so many third world countries are in need of helping hands. Outside of the Middle East, nursing jobs typically do not pay as well. However, if you’re in a position where you can work for less money, opportunities are out there. A nursing education from the United States is acknowledged globally, and the demand for your services will be high.

When you consider international travel nursing, research what languages are spoken in your desired destination. To provide adequate medical care, you’ll need to have some grasp of the language of your patients. Even if English is the preferred medical language, you’ll still need to work diligently to learn basic communication skills if you hope to provide the best care.

The Benefits of Travel Nursing

Becoming a traveling nurse can be good for your career, not to mention the added benefits of experiencing new placesand people. The New York Times discussed how as a travel nurse, you may have the opportunity to work in some of the world’s most prestigious hospitals or the most needy refugee camps. Depending on where you go, you may also get a chance to deliver care in very tough conditions. This can improve both your aptitude and your resume.

A Personal Decision

Even if you know you want to be a travel nurse, it can be tough to make a decision on what type of position to take. The need for quality medical care is high in so many places, from war torn regions of Africa to the migrant workers of California. Ultimately, where you choose to go is up to you. Fortunately, your training will allow you to provide much-needed help wherever you choose to work.


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