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I have been on many diets for many years and have tried just about everything from pills to DVD’s. I can’t seem to get the weight off and keep it off. I am quite a healthy eater but i did want to lose another stone and tone up at the same time. Then i heard about the 21 day fix. Here’s my honest review of it.

21 day fix workout program
21 day fix workout program – Source:

There are two elements to this 21 day fix. There is the nutrition plan and the workout plan as well. First of all there are containers that you use so you get to know about portion control. You will look at the portions at first and think, ” Oh no i’m always going to be hungry” but actually it is enough. When you put the food on your plate then you will see how much there is and you find that it is enough to make you feel fairly full.

The Food Plan

The containers are different colors blue, green, red, purple, yellow and two orange containers. Each of the containers are used for different purposes as below:

  • Blue is for Fats and cheese
  • Red is for Protein
  • Yellow is for Carbs
  • Green is for Vegetables
  • Orange is for Seeds and oils
  • Purple is for Fruit

It sounds quite easy doesn’t it? However there are maths involved when you decide what you want to eat. You will need to calculate your calories but that is lined out for you in the guide. Once you have done that then you will know what you can eat. After you have worked out what you can eat per day then you need to find a way to space your eating out. Smaller meals each day are healthier overall so remember that.

The thing i really liked about this meal plan is that the 21 Day Fix tastes so good. You don’t have to eat any bland food and the combination of the meals and the containers make it very easy to measure out everything with no mistakes. It is an interesting meal plan and never boring so you will find yourself sticking to it.

The Workout

Although you are eating right you also have to get yourself moving if you want to get leaner and fitter. The DVD’s work for any level of training and you will learn the 30 min workouts easy. The workout will make you use every muscle for 21 days. Some of the days are gentle whereas some of the other days are harder, but remember it’s only for 21 days which is just 3 weeks.

There is Pilates and Yoga included in the workout but as it’s for only 30 minutes a day then it is very workable. Listed below are 6 different workouts that are on the DVD’s.

  • Upper Fix
  • Lower Fix
  • Pilates Fix
  • Yoga Fix
  • Cardio Fix
  • Total Body Cardio Fix

The workouts are designed for a specific area and you can modify them a little if you wish. The woman in the DVD’s is called Autumn and she is a good trainer as she will make you feel full of energy. The plan is not for that long so you should be able to manage this workout ok.


If you try the 21 day Fix then i have to tell you it really works as i lost around a stone on this diet but i did put in the effort. You will get a lot of encouragement in your workouts and it will make you feel that at last you are doing something positive about your health and weight.

You should see good results and it’s well worth the effort. You will notice that your energy levels seem through the roof especially when you start eating healthier too. It seemed to lift my immune system as well as i felt so much better in myself. I’m really glad that i done this system and would recommend it to anyone.

It’s not a diet in the traditional sense and you should see good results in just 3 weeks. You can take the lunches and snacks out with you in their color coded containers. I can honestly say that i didn’t feel hungry and i feel so much better and more positive. There are many recipes to choose from and after 3 weeks you won’t want a piece of cake so much and you will see yourself preferring to eat healthier options.

The containers are a good idea as you always get the perfect portion. The recipes are well balanced and if you like different choices of foods then there are some Mexican recipes that you will like. The 21 day fix is the ideal diet if you want to lose weight and tone up in just 3 weeks! Try it for yourself, you won’t look back!


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