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Facts About your Immunological Mechanism


Is it possible for a country to run without the supportive backup of armed protection? The answer is sure to be on the negative. Similarly, it is not possible for human body to conduct and carry out physiological functions without the backup support of defense. Just as a country is in need for a defense mechanism, similar are the needs of human body.

Immune System
Immune System

In the absence of a proactive base of defense, a country becomes susceptible to foreign attacks, rebellions and internal invasion. On the other hand, if a human body is not provided with the shield of protection, it becomes vulnerable to infections and attacks, with foreign bodies disturbing its way of functioning.

Immune System – The Basic Concept

It is an organic network, comprising of cells and tissues. Several organs also include the mentioned bracket of immune mechanism. There are parts and sub-parts to come by, and all these work in unison to provide the base for protection.

What are the Sources of Attack?

As said previously, the body is vulnerable to attacks and invasions. So, what are the likely sources? Attacks and invasions are likely from microbes varying in types and kinds. Virusesfungibacteria, and parasites are likely to disturb its way of functioning. This is precisely where, the immune mechanism steps in with its proactive role. The system is supposed to do away and destroy these microscopic organisms.

How does the System Function?

You can well make out, that the system is rather complex, with cellular, tissues and organic parts and counterparts constituting its all powerful embrace. The system not only recognizes, assesses and identifies the sources of invasions; but also unleashes a wide variety of secretions, so that the interfering effects of an invasion/infection may be mitigated.

The system manufactures as well as released a large number of chemicals. Obviously, the release depends on the nature and type of invasion. Chemicals released serve as the essential shield of defense. Their role is to nullify the adversities of an infection.

As soon as the system receives alarm, it goes about the deal of destruction, so that further risks of invasion are controlled. The chemicals are self regulatory in their growth and development. Generation, development of new cells and assigning these with roles and responsibilities, also includes their bracket of functions.

What happens when Human Immunity Malfunctions?

Malfunctioning of the human immunity leads to diseases including diabetes besides that of arthritis. Allergic reactionsare likely to follow, as well.

Genetic researchers have been dwelling on this topic, over a long period of time. Their focus is on unveiling genetic designs responsible for guiding and maneuvering case specific immune response.

In fact, the adaptability and attunement of human body to the deals and danger of infection depends on the skilful functioning of the immune system. It is  a fact that power and potentiality of the immune mechanism vary with persons.


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