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Vaccines and the Immune System – Vaccines Play an Important Part in Helping to Maintain Health


Not only cure but prevention of disease is one of the essential objectives of health. Hence, you get to realize the importance of the age old adage that ‘prevention is better than cure’. As far as the goal of disease prevention is concerned, vaccines have an interesting role to offer. That’s because there exists a directly proportional relation between vaccine and the immune system.

The Domineering Role of Immunity

  • Immunity is like the seal of assurance. It happens to be the all important fulcrum of health and well being. Higher the quotient of immunity, the greater and tougher is your power of resistance- the shield necessary for keeping you free from diseases, germs and viruses.
  • Immunity happens to be the essential mechanism of defense, whereby the body is suitably empowered for developing resistive potentialities. The defense mechanism is responsible for reminding human body of a prior exposure to infectious microorganisms. In this way, immunity serves as a barrier of defense, keeping the body safe from further attacks of disease causing germs.
    •  With the immune system being affected; the human physiology becomes susceptible to a diverse array of diseases, and hyper sensitivity.
  • Kinds of Immunity

    • There are two essential types of immunity. While one is natural; the other happens to be acquired in nature.
    • Natural barriers and propensities of human body are responsible for giving way to the former variety of immunity. On the other hand, acquired immunity is the consequent of human physiology’s reaction to a diverse variety of external microorganisms. This is exactly where vaccination chips in with its effective role. That’s because vaccination is one of the illustrations of acquired immunity.The nexus between vaccine and the immunological scheme of human physiology

      National Immunization Campaign in San Miguel Topilejo
      Source by : wikimedia
    • Vaccination adds to the seal of your immunological defense. Just as infection is supposed to endow your immunity with the seal of defense; similar happens to be the objective of vaccination.
    • Immunity, as you are well aware enlightens and adapts your body, so that it knows how to tackle and get rid of further bouts of infectious attacks.
    • In the course of vaccination; pathogens are deliberately introduced, into your physiological set-up. With the introduction of pathogens in desirable amounts; the body learns up the technique of tackling infections
    • In this way, the disease causing pathogens provide and acquaint your physiology with the requisite power of disease; so that external attacks of similar microorganisms can be warded off.

    Importance of vaccines

    • If you consider the wider spectrum of public health; you would obviously realize the relevance of prevention. Prevention is vitally important, and this is where the domineering sway of vaccines chips in with its effective role.
    • With vaccination; you are able to protect yourself and your progenies from the undesirable attacks of infectious diseases. Even with contacts and exposure to folks who are unvaccinated; you are able to protect yourself. Herein, you get to see the overwhelming role of vaccination and its direct proportionality to the cause and objectives of public health.
    • If considered on a worldwide basis, vaccines have been largely responsible for controlling diseases including polio, whooping cough, diphtheria, Hepatitis of the B variety, mumps as well as tetanus.
    • Some of these diseases are not only expensive to treat and cure but are also fatal in their consequence.
    • However, with the worldwide focus on plans of immunization; the scenario has taken on an improvised look. There are statistical proofs to highlight the shift towards improvisation.Vaccination has been largely responsible for minimizing, slowing down as well as preventing the outbreak of diseases. This in turn asserts its relevance from the viewpoint of public health.
    • As grownups and responsible citizens; it is vitally important that you check out on the different schemes of vaccination, and be well acquainted with its deals and significance from the viewpoint of public health.


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