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5 Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Dentures

Just like your natural teeth required specific care, your dentures do as well. By taking proper care of your false teeth, they should last a long time. However, since dentures are designed to be removable, there are several ways in which they can become damaged.

In this article, we will outline the top five bad habits that can result in damage to your dentures.

Things That Can Damage Dentures


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  1. They Get DroppedAlthough dentures are usually made of a sturdy acrylic material, they are still considered to be quite fragile. For example, if they slip out of your hands and hit a sink or drop to the floor, your false teeth are probably going to crack or break.You can prevent this from happening by always taking care when removing your dentures to clean or store them. When cleaning your dentures, by filling a sink with water or lining it with a towel, you can cushion a blow should your false teeth slip out of your hands.Make it a habit to always be careful when handling your dentures.
  2. By Bleaching ThemOne of the reasons you have false teeth may have been because your natural teeth were stained and discolored. The yellowing of teeth can also occur with dentures also. However, there are ways to clean them to remove those stains and other color problems.Bleaching however, is not a good idea with dentures. Straight bleach is too strong, which can cause the gums of your false teeth can lose color and metal clips can corrode eventually destroying them. There are home denture whitening kits available, plus your dentist can whiten your dentures using safer methods that won’t cause damage.
  3. Not Repairing A Bad FitPoorly fitting dentures can result from various situations. One possibility is that your gum line has changed in some way and now your false teeth are loose. When this happens, you risk having problems eating, speaking and smiling. A good fit prevents these conditions.When dentures no longer fit properly, you may need a relining. Your dentist can do this and refit them so that you can resume your regular activities without fear of a plate falling out of your mouth and getting damaged. Loose dentures should be fixed as soon as possible.Getting into the habit of putting up with loose fitting dentures may not damage your dentures much, but it can affect your gums and your confidence, so it is best to get them looked at quickly.
  4. By Not Cleaning Them ProperlyAs we’ve already mentioned, when you take good care of your dentures, they will last a long time. Part of that care comes from cleaning your dentures. If you use the incorrect cleaning products you risk scratching and scraping your false teeth.Also, if you do not clean them regularly, you risk the development of bacteria that can irritate your gums and mouth. You could become ill as a result. Bacteria growth may also produce odors and develop stains that will make you not want to wear them at all.
  5. Letting Them Dry OutBecause of the materials used in the construction of dentures, they are very porous. Because they are designed to spend all day in the moist environment of your mouth, they should remain in the same kind of conditions when not being worn. In other words, they need to be moist at all times.This is why it is important to remove dentures nightly and soak them in a cleaning solution. Should you not soak your false teeth and they dry out completely, they will become brittle. This can cause warping and easier breaks when handling.

    Ask Your Dental Professional For Advice



    When you first receive your dentures, you will receive instruction on how to properly care for them. Should you have any questions regarding bleaching, cleaning, loose fitting or warping dentures, see your dentist for the correct solution to your false teeth needs.


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