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Winter is fast approaching most parts of the world and in some places it has already settled in quite nicely. But with winters, come the dangers of the common cold and flu. Though not a serious medical condition, it can take the toll on you and restrict you from performing in your home and office. If you are suffering from cold or flu then here are some of the best cures for cold.

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  1. One of the very effective cures for cold is drinking plenty of liquids. These can be juices, simple water or hot beverages. The good amounts of liquid will help in clearing away the congestion soon. It is better however to drink warmer and hot liquids if you are looking for cures for flu rather than drinking something out of the fridge. Drinking warm soup is a good alternative if you are tired of drinking teas. Besides, the soup or clear broth will also recoup your nourishment which had been suffering because you were unable to enjoy your meals. The broth also contains anti-inflammatory which controls the inflammation in the body.
  2. Spice teas are often really beneficial cures for cold. If you are experiencing runny nose with sore throat, then make a warm concoction of water, tea leaves, cinnamon stick, honey, ginger root extract and a pinch of salt. Boil it a for few minutes and then strain it before drinking.
  3. If you are suffering from flu, then you might be experiencing nasal and throat blockage. Nasal blockage over a long period can cause blocked sinuses which can be painful. Therefore one of the best cures for flu is blowing your nose frequently. Instead of sniffling your mucous back inside, it is better to blow out the accumulated mucous. Blowing it will also prevent the congestion from building in your nose or chest.
  4. Inhaling steam is one of the effective curesfor cold and cures for flu. Take a pot of boiling water and keep it somewhere safe in your room or in your washroom, where kids are not passing by.  Cover your head with a small towel over the pot in a way so that steam does not escape and goes directly into your nose.  The warm vapour helps to clear away the congestion pretty quickly and is also the best cure for blocked sinus.[nggallery id=1]
  5. One of the valuable cures for cold is having a teaspoonful of warm honey with cinnamon powder and juice of ginger root. Take it in the night before going to sleep daily and you are going to feel the difference yourself.
  6. Whenever you head out, take care to cover your head, forehead and nose properly from cold winter winds. The abrupt change in temperatures that you feel once you step out of your warm house directly into the cold can be harmful. In order to prevent your condition from becoming worse, try this effective tip from the various cures for flu given here.
  7. Nasal sprays and nasal saline drops are also good cures for cold. These effectively help in keeping the nose clear. Stuffed nose or runny nose are common symptoms of cold; in order to get rid of these symptoms, keep a nasal spray or saline drops handy.
  8. Saline gargles are some of the best cures for flu. When troubled with a sore throat and a stuffed nose then frequent gargles are really going soothe you. You can easily prepare this mixture by yourself; simply add half a teaspoon full of salt in a glass of hot water and gargle your throat with it. Make sure that the water is comfortably hot and not more than that.


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