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dieting problems

The war you wage with your weight problems can very well end up in dismal defeat, if you are not careful about the diet plan you choose. The diet programs available now range from sensible and harmless diets to some dangerous programs that could have bad repercussions. The craze for losing weight can push you into taking up some potentially harmful and unproven diets. The consequences can harm you for life.

Here are seven such dieting problems faced by people who take up weight loss diets.

Fasting Diets

While cutting down your calorie intake can lower the weight, it can also induce loss of muscle and affect your Metabolism. Extreme calorie restriction can lead to higher body fat percentage, which can make you prone to risks such as type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome. If you restrict your calories lower than 1,200 in a day, you will not get sufficient nutrients for your daily activities, and it would not be enough to satisfy the hunger cravings you have.

Supplement galore

Since supplement manufacturers do not need any concrete proof for the effectiveness of the supplements unlike prescription drugs, most of these are neither effective nor safe for use. Even the products that are claimed to be natural may not necessarily be safe for you. When it comes to weight loss, you should concentrate on a proven method, whether it is a diet, pill, or exercise program, you are focusing on. Some diet pills really work wonders such as Phentermine diet pills. You can get Phentermine online easily and use it for an effective weight loss result.

Detox Plans

Cleansing or detox weight loss plans can put you at risk of electrolyte imbalance, dehydration and much more. When done without medical supervision, the loss of fluid together with fasting is very dangerous. Including foods rich in fiber and drinking plenty of water are sufficient to detoxify or cleanse your body.


This unhealthy form of dieting includes inducing vomiting, spitting food after chewing it or using laxatives. Such unsafe practices are common among teenagers and young adults, and lead to serious health issues. Acidic vomit leads to erosion of esophagus, mouth and the teeth resulting in tooth decay and cancer risk too. Regular purging with laxatives can lead to electrolyte imbalance, and severe dehydration. Drinking and eating in a healthy way is the best and safest approach to weight loss.

Strenuous Exercise

Too much of exercise can lead to muscle tear, increased injury risk, electrolyte imbalance and dehydration. Obsessive exercise leads to unhealthy lifestyle, so a moderate approach is needed for your weight loss plans.

Unsafe Drug Use

Use of drugs such as cocaine for losing weight can lead to highly undesirable adverse effects such as addiction, anxiety, problems in lungs and heart and even cause stroke. Use of such drugs is strongly dissuaded and even if the drugs are legal, they should be used only for the intended purpose and in the recommended dosage only.


Although this method is considered as illegal, people use this method for fast weight loss. The real fact is that those who are infected with tapeworms unintentionally suffer from damage to digestive system, disruption of functions of the nervous system and brain, and death too.


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