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Signs that you need your Eyes Examined


Eyes are a very sensitive organ and demand proper care. You need to treat them well to make sure that they keep functioning properly and assist you to see for a very long time. It is common knowledge that you need to visit your eye specialist annually for a regular checkup. However, there arise conditions which demand that you make an urgent appointment and get your eyes checked. Though these conditions don’t seem alarming, however, they must be treated in due time to avoid serious complications.

Regular migraine problems:

Though the cause does not seem to link to eye sight; nevertheless, if you get regular migraines then you need to consult your ophthalmologist. These migraines are caused due to extensive stress on the eyes which in turn is caused by defective eyesight. Thus, in such conditions, make an appointment and get your vision checked.

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Blurred vision, squinting or straining: Squinting, straining and blurred vision are caused by short sightedness when a person is finding it difficult to see far off objects. Kids usually don’t understand what is wrong unless the problem is observed by a grown up. Even in case of some adults, these symptoms are hard to notice in the beginning but they must be treated as soon as possible. If they are not treated then the condition worsens and may cause serious complications.

Having trouble reading or writing:

This problem is called far sightedness when a person cannot see things properly up close. It results in holding of the book closer to the eyes and even losing focus. It also asks for a trip to the ophthalmologist and demands to be treated early. If not treated on time, it can impair the vision even more causing abnormally weak eyesight.

Pain, Sensitivity or burning in the eyes:

These are usually taken lightly and taken to be caused by dust or pollen. Though this might be the case, however, the cause might be something serious as well. Especially in case of sensitivity and pain, the eye specialist must be visited as these symptoms are not normal and demand attention.

Eye Trauma

As stated earlier, eyes are a very sensitive part of the body and need particular care. If our eyes face a physical trauma like getting hit by a baseball or a pencil etc., then don’t content yourself with putting an ice bag on it to prevent swelling. Visit your doctor to make sure that no serious damage is done to the eyes.

Eye Tips:

Getting regular eye examination is the first step towards eye care. It is necessary to get a detailed examination of your eyes every two years, and every year for young and old people.

  • You must avoid overworking, squinting and straining of the eyes as they become responsible for weak eyesight. If you find yourself squinting then visit your eye doctor immediately and get prescription.
  • Do not put anything in your eyes without a prescription from your physician.


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