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Six Top Healthy Tips for Prevention of Cold and Flu


Did you know how crushing it could be to have your colleague avoid your handshake or even your presence because of your cold and flu? Are you cold/flu-phobia? Or did you avoid your co-workers who are sized by cold/flu symptoms? Below are some basic healthy tips on how you can prevent cold/flu.

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These healthy tips are supported by doctors, paramedics and teachers who understand how best to survive the winter.

  • Proper Hygiene

    The best sanitary tip especially during this cold period has always been: always keep sanitizing gel or alcohol-based hand wipes within reach. Inasmuch as this is hygienically true, it’s more important to read and understand the message on the label before usage. This is especially true since some wipes are not alcohol-based and as such will not be as effective.

    Touching your nose and eyes may not be the best because those are germs-harbouring body parts. Another tip of its kind in this regards is that any time you have a handshake with someone, it’s essential that you wash your hands. Using enough running water over your hands after contact will dilute and remove any contamination.

  • Smoking and cold/flu infection

    There is overwhelming evidence that smoking cause rise in risks of infections of cold/flu by inducing structural changes in the respiratoy tract and as such decrease immune response. In accordance with a study on smokers and infections published by Archives of Internal Medicine, 2004, smoking destroys cilia, minute hair-like fibres inside the nose. Thus, this can increase rick of cold/flu infection.

  • Smiling as Immune booster

    Finding has shown that anything which enhances your happiness is capable of improving your immune system and as such can enhance your body resistance against infection. Carl Charnetski, MD, professor of psychology at Wilkes University found that sex, playing with pets, positive thinking and any pleasurable behaviour has high capacity to boost your immune system.

  • Rely on super-healthy foods

    There are several healthy foods that are very rich in ingredients that will give your immunity a boost-punch. Eating plenty of healthy food on regular basis—plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables boosts and supports your immune system. Research has shown that relying on healthy living and healthy foods to fight off cold/flu is much easier. Berries, mushrooms, fish and fruits are good sources of vitamin D and other vitamins necessary to enhance your immunity.

  • Living Healthy

    While staying away from friends and family members who sneeze and couch may be both obvious and passes a wrong message, it’s always better to stay away from sick folks whenever it is possible.

    Keep purses away this season. Joseph Brasco, MD, author of The Great Physician Rx for Colds and Flu maintains that you could be re-infecting yourself every time you pick up your handbags. Thus, he suggests that you keep away during winter months any purse that is not easier-to-wipe-down vinyl or leather bags.

    Where must you sneeze? It’s always better to sneeze into your clean and ironed handkerchief than sneezing into the air. You spread the causative agent and breathe in more dangerous bacteria. Though, Kulze suggest sneezing into your elbow as such will prevent contact with your hands which harbour germs.

  • Work Out

    Exercise is well-known for its health-enhancing effects. According to Ann G. Kulze, MD, CEO and founder of Dr. Ann and Just Wellness, working out regularly enhances the immune function.

When the above tips are observed as it should, there is no doubt that you will not be free from cold/flu.


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