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Role Offered by Vitamin C in Survival and Sustenance


Is it possible for human body with its amazing mesh of complexity to function without the proactive backup of food and nutrients? Obviously, it is not possible to survive and sustain without the requisite supply of food. That’s because food happens to be the only source of nourishment. Nutrients contained in food provide human body with the requisite quota of nourishment.  So, it is vitally important to dwell upon a dietary plan which includes an optimized blend of different nutrients.

Model of a vitamin C molecule. Black is carbon, red is oxygen, and white is hydrogen

Source: Wikimedia

The Role and Relevance of Vitamin C

There are plenty of nutrients and micronutrients to come by. Vitamin C which is also known as ‘ascorbic acid’ is an exemplary illustration of micronutrient. Every nutrient has a valuable role to offer. Similar happens to be the importance of Vitamin C. As a matter of fact, the nutrient has an invaluable role to play in easing you of cold, infections and flu. However, this is not its only role. The vitamin has significant deals to deliver in enhancing the quotient of health and longevity. It is one of the essential nutrients. In this context, you need o differentiate between nutrients which are essential and those which are optional. You just cannot afford to undermine the importance of nutrients which are essential.

A Brief Note on this Vitamin

The vitamin happens to be of the water soluble variety. Certain vitamins are manufactured naturally by the human body; but same is not true of Vitamin C. It is provided by food sources and supplements based on them. So, consistent intake of the said vitamin is of paramount importance. Obviously, the exact specifications of requirement are likely to vary, with factors such as age, sex and body weight coming into play. But if consumed on a regular basis; you have lots to gain, rather than lose. It is also important to remember that body is unable to reserve this vitamin. Whatever is taken in is distributed throughout your system. Thus, you ought to replenish it, on a frequent basis.

Specific Contribution of Vitamin C

  • Health comprises of multifaceted perspective. All the perspectives are important in their own unique way. For instance, do you think you would look healthy with skin that looks dull, lifeless and aging? Skin has lots to convey about your generic health and beauty. This is precisely where Vitamin C chips in with its effective role. Synthesis of collagen which contributes to lusty skin is aided and abetted by this vitamin.
  • Cardiac ailments are likely to give way to life threatening implications. Plaque accumulation in arteries increases risks of coronary diseasesArthrosclerosis is one of the common fallouts of plaque buildup. In fact, modern lifestyle with its fare share of stresses and anxieties increases the risk of cardiac attacks. This is exactly where a perfectly balanced dietary plan has valuable roles to offer. If you belong to the risky zone of plaque formation, hypertension and other coronary diseases; do make it a point to enrich your dietary chart with a reasonable amount of Vitamin C. Antioxidant contained in the same is sure to serve your purpose.
  • If you are beauty conscious, with a concerted focus on the way you look and appear; it is important to binge on citrus fruits, berries and yellow vegetable. The food items are sure to provide you with the necessary fill of Vitamin C. It has the propensity in reversing the destructive process of aging.
  • As per evidences provided by nutritionists, the mentioned vitamin contributes significantly towards adding to the zeal of immunity.
  • Since time immemorial, Vitamin C is well acknowledged for its wound healing properties. Though there are other factors responsible for the same, deficiency of this vitamin has been found detrimental to the process of healing.
    Modern stress prone existence may involve deadline bound schedule. But in spite, of all, you cannot undermine the significance of health and longevity. After all, health will give you the succor to grow and develop. Now that you are aware of the leading benefits of vitamin c, it is necessary that you make it a regular part of your dietary plan.


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