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Learn about the Best Foods to Prevent Acne


Given how troubling and widespread the problem of acne is, there is no need to emphasize how eagerly people suffering from it are looking for the Best Acne reatment. And you never know if you are at risk if it has not appeared yet. The appearance of acne is particularly a risk among the youth.

Acne, a common skin disease involving the appearance of red skin, blemishes, comedones, pimples and inflamed nodules and scars, is thought to be caused by hereditary factors and hormonal activity. Though you cannot change your genes, you could control your hormonal balance. However, ensuring that may be easier than you thought. Just mind what you eat.

Here are some of the best foods to help prevent acne.

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  • Fruits & Vegetables

    Vegetables in general contain a number of nutrients such as Vitamins A, B complex, E and K that play a vital part in the health of the skin. Green leaf vegetables are particularly rich in such vitamins and minerals which also promote good health in other areas of the body. Fruits are rich in Vitamins A, C and E as well and help immensely to prevent acne.

  • A research carried out on the teens in the Kitavan Islands of New Guinea and the Ache region in Paraguay revealed that their vegetable and fruit rich diet contributed to no acne cases in the population at all. The effect of their diet on the hormonal activity was thought to be the cause, confirming the effectiveness of fruits and vegetables. A cup of fresh fruits and vegetables and half a cup of cooked vegetables could fulfill your requirements of nutrients to help resist an acne attack.

  • Brazil Nuts

    Brazil nuts are rich in antioxidants and are effective in preventing and fighting acne by protecting the elasticity of the skin, while also repairing damage to cells due to inflammation. Furthermore, the Vitamin A and E content of the nuts help improve the health of skin cells. The effectiveness of the vitamins is enhanced due to the presence of selenium.

  • Foods Rich in Zinc

    Consuming foods rich in zinc can particularly help prevent acne and lessen the intensity of the outbreaks if you are already suffering from it. Zinc helps control the levels of androgen, which can prevent acne outbreaks. Such food sources include oysters, fish and poultry. However, avoid fried fish since it can trigger acne in some people. Men require 11 mg and women require 8 mg of Zinc everyday in their diet. Zinc dietary supplements can also be used under the direction of a nutritionist.

  • Foods Rich in Beta Carotene

    Beta carotene is one of the carotene compounds that the body converts into Vitamin A, which enhances the effect of selenium on skin health, apart from having several of its own benefits. Beta carotene is usually found in good quantities in fruits and vegetables with red, orange or yellow pigmentation such as carrots, cantaloupe and bell peppers. Half a cup of such fruits and vegetables a day should supply sufficient nutrients to keep acne at bay.

  • Food Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    Another important nutrient to keep acne under control are Omega-3 fatty acids. Food sources such as flaxseed, walnut and salmon are good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Foods Rich in Vitamin C

    Vitamin C can prove effective in reducing the inflammatory effects of acne thanks to its cell wall strengthening qualities. Rich sources of Vitamin C include fruits such as oranges, lemon, tomatoes, red bell pepper and strawberries.

Various grains
Source by : wikimedia
  • Whole Grain Cereals

    Whole grain cereals are very rich sources of selenium, which is an essential mineral for the health of your skin and can play an important part in preventing acne outbursts. A whole grain cereal breakfast everyday can not only allow you to prevent acne, but will help maintain good health as well.

  • Water

    Water is something you cannot do without but if you are looking to avoid acne, then you may want to increase your intake. Keeping yourself adequately hydrated is the key to maintain a healthy skin.


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