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Flu Vaccine for Children – Importance and Benefits


Influenza or commonly known as the flu is actually far more dangerous than a common cold would be. Parents and concerned guardians should know that a if a serious flu complication may develop in their child than the risk of dying increases heavily. It may seem like a harmless seasonal sickness but in reality it is much more dangerous than that. Children who may be diagnosed with asthmabrain disorder or even diabetes are more prone to getting flu than a normal, healthy child would be. Therefore it is imperative that the child receives flu vaccine at the right time.

Flu Vaccines for Children

Getting your child vaccinated every year is the best and probably the only way to deal with flu. There are different kinds of flu vaccines available that you can provide your child with; one of them is the trivalent flu vaccine which protects your child against 3 flu viruses. The other is quadrivalent flu vaccine which works against 4 flu viruses. It is up to your child’s doctor, what he/she may consider to be best.

Flu vaccine for children
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Your child should be vaccinated every year for the best protection against flu. Some children however require only two doses of flu vaccine; first dose should be given as early in the flu season as possible. There are other children for whom it would be a good practice to get them vaccinated preferably by October. However, getting vaccinated even afterwards can be protective, as long as flu viruses are in the season.

Seasonal Flu

Seasonal flu occurrences can happen as early on as October, most of the time influenza activity heightens is in January or later. In view of the fact that it takes about two weeks past vaccination for antibodies to grow in the body that protect us against influenza virus infection, it is best that people get vaccinated so they are protected before flu begins increase in their own community.

Flu vaccine has proved to reduce the risk of dying, disease and even hospitalization. Flu vaccination is even cost effective and an excellent counter-measure towards seasonal outbreaks of flu.

It is imperative to note that the flu vaccine takes about two weeks to build up sufficient anti-bodies to guard against flu, however it does not protect from every strain of flu.

Vaccination of school going children has quite a strong effective impact on the adults that they interact with. Mothers, who get vaccinated while being pregnant, save their unborn child from being hospitalized later on. Further studies have even shown that vaccination of children of 6 months to 5 years was found to prevent many illnesses in more than half of the children.

Many people may be concerned about the side effects of the flu vaccine. They should know that the side effects do occur but are minor and the protection of flu vaccine is quite high. One should realize that the side effects are quite minimal when it comes to considering the likely consequences of influenza. In a year, the chances of being prone to the yearly influenza epidemic are doubled when a person chooses to remain UN-vaccinated.

Flu vaccines are available in the form of, injection or nasal spray. A study showed that the flu shots ended up yielding lesser illnesses as compared to the nasal spray.

It should be known that, people who are allergic to eggs or have had a bad experience with their previous flu vaccine should not get a flu shot. The severity of flu should not be under-estimated and should be taken seriously. So, go ahead and get your flu shot today.


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