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Top Summer Health Risks to Watch Out For

Summer is just around the corner and while it is a time for much warmer and comfortable weather, it also opens the door for a lot of health risks. Summer means more warmth and humidity and that means a nurturing environment for germs and insects carrying infectious diseases. So while summer may induce great cheerfulness in your mood, you may want to watch out for the following top summer health risks.

Heat Wave

Heat waves are not uncommon occurrences during summers and Americans and Europeans have witnessed severe heat waves in the recent decades. Heat waves can cause hundreds of deaths and affect even more people from heat strokes and other related health problems. Make sure you avoid spending too much time in congested and heated environments and do not overexert. Take special care of the elderly and children from the risk of a heat wave. Keep an eye on the weather news for a heat wave advisory. Deaths in a heat wave are not common but are also not unheard of in the developed world.

Heat Stroke

Probably the most frequently experienced health risk during summer is heat stroke. Heat strokes should not be taken lightly as they are potentially life threatening and require immediate medical assistance. Heat stroke can be caused by exposure to sun in the hottest hours of the day or even sitting in a congested or humid space. The condition includes symptoms such as confusion, no sweating, racy pulse and short breath. Heat stroke is a medical emergency.


Often taken for granted, you could get dehydrated in summer before you know. This is particularly true as you start spending more time outdoors. During vacations, intense physical activity would demand the fuel of better hydration without which your health will surely suffer. Getting adequate hydration is also one of the top skin care tips for summer as well. Therefore, always keep that water bottle by your side during summer.


Summer brings a lot of epidemic risk for particularly those living in tropical zones. Diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever and West Nile virus can break out in tropical zones, which is why you should be cautious while you travel. People living in the east and North Atlantic coast of the United States have the risk of Lyme Disease to deal with during summer. Taking due care and avoiding insect bites can help prevent serious illnesses during summer.

Water Hazards

Summer means a lot of time spent around pools and natural water bodies. While this could bring a lot of relief and pleasure, particularly when you need that kind of activity to beat the excessive heat, it also has its health risks. Drowning and injuries such as aquatic creature bites and stings are common in summer and due care should be taken when moving into sea water, rivers and streams.

Skin Cancer

Many people in America and Europe love to spend a summer vacation in a sunny environment. Tanning is one of the most popular activities during this time in particular. While tanning could offer cosmetic value and even health benefits through Vitamin D production, it is dangerous if not practiced in moderation. With greater sun exposure during summer, the risk of skin cancer due to the ultraviolet rays is increased significantly. People with fair complexion should be particularly careful about the risk and should use sunscreen regularly.

Food Poisoning

Watch what you eat during summer because food poisoning occurrences are common in warmer temperatures. Eating fresh and hygienic food from known and trusted sources and keeping yourself away from any known food poisoning outbreaks would help you avoid this summer health risk.

Watch out for these summer health risks and you would have a delightful summer just the way you planned.


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