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Top Fat Burning Foods to Choose for a Fit and Slim Body

Fat Burning Foods
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Obesity is being increasingly recognized as one of the most troubling and serious health threats in the United States for the simple reason that it leads to so many diseases. Some of the complications from obesity can even be life threatening and while starvation diets may not work for you, looking for ways to reduce fat seems to be the only solution to overcome this problem.

Some people go to the extent of Bariatric Surgery in order to get rid of the health-threatening fats, but thankfully there are easier ways. There is no substitute for regular exercise but why try so hard when you can burn your fat by just eating the right food. Instead of wasting money on that lengthy and complicated slimming plan and those weight loss products, check out the following top fat burning foods to include in your diet plan.

Green Tea

Nothing burns fat like Green Tea. Even the studies from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition acknowledge its effectiveness in burning down fat and reducing weight. Green Tea is antioxidant rich and features EGCG, which is effective in stimulating the metabolism and burning down fat.

Whole Grain

Whole Grain is much easier to break down than processed food and in the process a lot more calories are burned. An effective way to burn fat is to include whole grain in your diet. This includes whole grain bread, oats and whole grain rice.

Lean Meats

In order to burn your fats effectively, you need to intake enough energy to sustain it. Lean meats are protein powerhouses which can compensate for the fat loss effectively. You should include lean meat such as chicken and lean red meat in your diet regularly if you are not a vegetarian.


Lentils are very rich sources of proteins and the perfect alternative to lean meats if you are vegetarian. Lentils are also rich in iron and can prove great for overcoming iron deficiency. No less than one fifth of people are iron deficient whether they are aware of that or not and overcoming iron deficiency will make their metabolism work faster and more efficiently, triggering fat burning.

Low-Fat Dairy Products

Low-Fat Dairy Products are very effective sources of proteins and are easy and light to consume. Particularly low-fat yoghurt can prove a great part of your diet and will help you burn calories by fulfilling your protein needs without adding a lot of fat.


Oranges are a lighter way of having a fiber rich diet. It is a well known fact that oranges are rich in Vitamin C, which is helpful in burning fat. The adequate supply of Vitamin C in the body produces Carnitine which is effective in removing the stored fat by oxidizing it.


The reason all types of berries are very effective in fat reduction is that they are rich in antioxidants. Adding a lot of berries to your diet plan would only promote your health and fat burning capacity.

Garlic and Onion

Including garlic and onion in your diet can be very helpful in stimulating metabolism and in breaking down fats.

Hot Peppers

It might get a little spicy but including hot peppers in your diet in any form can be good for stimulating your metabolism. Hot peppers include a material called Capsaicin which is helpful in melting down calories and fats.


Among seafood, Salmon is one of the best choices as one of the top fat burning foods. Apart from proteins, Salmon features beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids which promote your health and keep you safe from a number of health threats.

With such a variety among the mentioned fat burning foods, your weight loss plan should become much simpler and easier to follow now.


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