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4 Nutrients available only in Animal Foods


Since time in memorial, human beings were evolved eating both plants and animal foods. However over time, there has been a trend of discouraging consumption of meat citing healthy living as the reason behind that. However, we can’t fully eliminate animal products from our diet otherwise we would lose some very important nutrients which we cannot get from the plants. Although there are some people who are vegetarians, they have to supplement these nutrients in order to maintain the best health possible.

Some of these nutrients are :

  1. Taurine

    This nutrient is found in several body tissues including the brain, heart and kidneys. Taurine plays a great role in the functioning of the muscles, formation of bile salt as well as body’s antioxidant defenses. Consuming healthy fish, poultry, dairy products, as well as other seafood is a great source of taurine.Getting taurine in your body is very important as it lowers the level of cholesterol and the Blood pressure. As much as this may not be very important as the body produces small amounts, consuming foods rich in taurine plays a major role in the maintenance of the taurine levels in the body.
  2. Heme-Iron

    This type of iron are found in the red meat. Heme-iron is better absorbed and it helps the absorption on non-heme-iron found in plants. One of the advantages of having heme-iron in the body is that, unlike non-heme-iron, it not affected by anti-nutrients such as phytic acid.It is for this reason that makes the vegetarians to be more prone to anemia that those who eat meat. This is especially so for the people on macrobiotic diets.
  3. Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)

    This nutrient is an essential omega-3 fatty acid and it is very important for the development and functioning of the brain. Lack of DHA can have effects on the mental health and functioning of the brain especially in children. Also, it is recommended for the expectant mothers to consume DHA to aid in the brain development of the child.DHA is mainly found in the fatty best fish and the fish oil. The human body also produces DHA from Omega-3 fatty acid ALA which is usually found in high amounts. However, converting ALA to DHA is inefficient and it is for this reason that the meat eaters have higher DHA than the vegetarians.
  4. Vitamin B12

    This is essential water-soluble nutrient which is involved in the development of the red blood cells, maintenance of nerves and the normal functioning of the brain. Vitamin B12 can be got from fish, meat, dairy products, eggs, etc. it can also be found in certain types of seaweed.Lack of vitamin B12 can cause fatigue, impaired brain function, etc. vegetarian are more prone to these diseases than the meat eaters and they have to consume lots of supplements.

All these nutrients are very important for the body and as much as consumption of meat is discouraged, it is important to take meat moderately so that you will enjoy the benefits of meat and watching your health.


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