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Know the Causes, Symptoms and Solutions to Tummy Troubles in kids


As parents, you would obviously expect your kids to romp about and play. Under normal circumstances, you would find your little ones lively, vibrant as well as happy. But, what do you do when he is down with cast iron stomach? Tummy problems affecting kids are all too common, and as moms you would often find kids complaining about tummy aches, constipation and extreme situations of discomfort. It is important for you to be acquainted with facts and figures; most importantly you should know the leading antecedents which are responsible for causing tummy troubles. At the end of it all, you would like embarking upon a scheme of solution.

Tummy Troubles in kids

Some of the Common Causes of Tummy Troubles

  • Constipation and irregularity in bowel movement happens to be some of the most frequent causes of tummy troubles. You might think that you can overcome the issue by regularizing his toilet habit. But do remember that regularized stints of going to toilet, may not lead to colon clearance.
    • Intolerance to lactose is one of the most common causes of tummy aches. Thus you need to ascertain if your kiddo is intolerant to lactose, and find out suitable alternatives to replenish his needs for lactose.
    • Gastroesophegeal reflux is one of the most common causes of tummy discomfort. Obesity and food triggers including excessive intake of chocolates, fries, chips and fast food may be responsible for the same.
    • Worms can be yet another cause of pain. Do remember certain kids are more prone intestine sensitivity than others. Under such eventualities, viral infections, worms, and gaseous symptoms will tend to affect him more than those who are relatively less sensitive.
    • Like the high threshold of intestine sensitivity, there are those who are more prone to bowel irritability than the others. Such children are likely to be affected by tummy troubles including bloating, diarrhea, gas and constipation.
    • Ulcers triggered by bacteria by the name of Helicobacter Pylori may be equally responsible for tummy trouble amongst kids.
    • Do be careful about appendix inflation in your children. That’s because the condition may not give way to the commonly relevant symptoms which are perceptible amongst adults. But it happens to be one of the causes responsible for tummy trouble.

    Home based Remedies which you can embark upon

    • Before soliciting the help of a doc/or a pediatrician; you can try out certain home based remedies which are both comforting as well as safe. While a doc would recommend a series of investigation for ascertaining the exact cause of discomfort; but prior to that, you ought to provide your little one with a feel and touch which is soothing, so that the discomfort is temporarily alleviated.
    • You can try out and employ certain techniques of distraction, so that he is not found overly bothered about the ache.
    • Make him have a warm bath, as this can temporarily release his cause of discomfort
    • Use of heating pads, or bottle filled with warm water may provide temporary relief
    • Taking in a few sips of herbal tea can be pretty relieving
    • Use on anti-colic and antacids may come as effective solutions of relief.

      Certain Dos and Don’ts, which you should know as a Parent

    • If constipation happens to be a cause of worry, do check out with your family pediatrician if  stool softening agents such as mineral oil can be used.
    • Do not encourage your children to binge on white food items of the refined kind.
    • Instead of binging on pasta, cheese, French fries, burgers and potatoes; ensure that he gets sufficient doses of fiber, whole grains, fruit juices and salads.
    • Pear juices are particularly effective in easing tummy troubles.
    • Intake of carbonated beverages needs to be minimized, as it can give way to gas pain.
    • At times, drinking fruit juices may create conditions of aches and tummy discomfort. Then, you need to figure out the specific variety which may be responsible for causing pain.
    • Avoid using packaged version of fruit juices, as these may contain synthetic elements; instead provide your little ones with homemade fruit juices and stews.
    • For children with bowel irritability and intestine sensitivity; consumption of spicy food items, acidic fruits, and sugary delicacies needs to be minimized.
    • Make sure that large meals are avoided.You ought to act as per the needs and demands of the situation. It is important that you study the symptoms carefully and acquaint your family pediatrician with the requisite information, so that he is able to suggest you on immediate and long termed deals of relief.


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