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Taking care of everyday chores can take it out of you if you’re not in the best of health or shape. You know how exhausting the simple things like spending a full day looking after the grandchildren can be and how that affects your energy levels.

Basic Health and Exercise Tips For Grandparents
Basic Health and Exercise Tips For Grandparents

In this basic guide we are going to look at the simple ways to improving your base level of fitness with ideas for activities and exercises as so you can enjoy feeling more mobile and motivated.

It goes without saying that a fitness upgrade isn’t for everyone, to that end you should always consult your doctor about any change you intend to make regarding your lifestyle. Better to be safe than sorry.

  • Walking

    Don’t underestimate th full plethora of health benefits that comes with walking just the odd mile every day. It’s one of the most reliable activities, not only in that it helps pump oxygen around the body, but also build up muscle strength in the lower body, which is necessary for your mobility to and to prevent injury through falling over. Walking also allows you to clear your mind and improve mental health too. Try out different routes and levels of intensity by including inclines and dips in your routes. Speed isn’t necessary, but if you feel like more of a challenge up the pace but be mindful of your heart rate.

    • Yoga

      Yoga, a popular form of mediocre exercise among people of all ages, both male and female. The great thing about yoga is that you can control the pace at which you perform, there is no award for testing your body to the limits through rigorous contorting! Yoga is great for building flexibility and strength, it will take hold of your posture too. A suitable time to practise is at night or early when you wake up. Ultimately, yoga serves to help you relax and unwind so it should work well with your lifestyle and compliment any other form of physical activity that you are doing, such as aerobics or power walking.

    • Water Aerobics

      Just as with regular aerobics, the water variant is highly beneficial for improving cardio vascular health and the respiratory system. But whereas aerobics in a gym or hall is designed for a higher impact on muscles, working out in water will offer a slight resistance to your movements that means you will be exercising at a gentler pace as your limbs will be able to cope better with stretching and twisting. Healthcare professionals swear by this form of exercise for rehabilitation and recovery for muscle injuries, aches and pains, many of which can occur when you reach a certain age.

    We hope you take take some learning from the advice above, and remember not to be afraid of confronting exercise, either inside the home or at the gym. Your body will always reward you for keeping active by offering an improved state of health when performing those daily activities, even chasing around after the grandchildren.

    This post was written by eldelry healthcare specialist FirstCare, leading the way in Irish care homes for men and women.


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