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Top 10 Body – Weight Exercises for Women


Weight is something that most people are heavily obsessed with. Seldom will we find people who are completely satisfied with their weight and their body proportions. Women like to stay fit and healthy, and there is a considerable range of exercises that are effective which will be discussed in this article. Push-ups are the classic body exercise. Lie facing the ground and flex your arms towards the ground. This is slightly different from the original push-ups exercise as it is aimed for fitness and body composure. The Squat is also considerable since it develops the muscles of the knees and legs. Refrain from performing it if you have an injury.

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The Lunge is also seen as a neat exercise by most women. It allows your body to become more flexible. It involves several arm positions, which you can start out with according to your comfort level. Doing the lunge backwards can be challenging, but it is not impossible. The Crunch is also an interesting exercise for muscles of the stomach and around the abdominal region. There are several categories for the crunch; it may vary if you want to lose weight of a specific part or organ of your body.

Try doing The Dip! It focuses on all parts of your body and concentrates all your weight on a central point. It is ideally practice at gyms and may also make use of special equipment or machinery. This exercise heavily emphasizes on losing weight and becoming slim and smart. You should start out with a regular 5-7 dips and gradually increase your count. The pull-up and chin-up are also exercises that you may want to consider. These exercises help to lose the chubbiness on your face and drain any extra plump cheeks. If that is what you want, then that is what you should practice!

The Wall Squat, which is another take on the original Squat, is a good exercise. However, it is different in the aspect that it is done with the support of a wall. While doing this exercise, your thighs should be parallel to your standing position. The back of your face should be against the wall and you have to make use of your back-muscles. The Wall Push is another isometric exercise, but it’s timed because it may be too tiring to perform for long periods. It is, however, an exercise that plays a vital role in helping you lose any extra weight that you may have gathered.

The Bridge is an exercise that is all about being able to balance yourself well. Do that, and you’ll be your own master! It requires a lot of focus, so it is preferable that you practice it at a quiet place. The Chair Stand is also a good exercise that you may want to give a shot. It’s really simple since all you have to do is sit and stand on a chair for a number of times during a time-frame of only 10 seconds.


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