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4 Air Cleaning Tips for Your Aging Parents


According to a 2011 report, approximately 8.1 million women and 3.2 million men over the age of 65 live in their homes alone. If your parent has decided to become an independent-living senior, the safety and health of their living situation may rest on your shoulders, especially clean air. Keep in mind lung function in particular decreases as a person ages. Help your loved one maintain the home so each breath taken is a healthy one.

Air Filters

Maintain good air quality in your senior parent’s home by changing the air filters in her HVAC unit on a regular basis. Seniors forget about chores as they age and routine maintenance, such as air filter replacement, gets neglected. Also, limited transportation and poor health conditions prevent a senior from buying a filter or switching one in the basement on their own. Remember to change your parent’s air filters by doing it whenever you replace yours in your own home. Even use a family scheduling app, such as Cozi, as an extra reminder.

girl senior parent
girl senior parent

Security System

You can’t protect your aging parents 24/7 as they live independently. A security system installation will not only protect your parents against burglaries, but it will also monitor carbon monoxide sensors in the home. If your parent’s carbon monoxide sensors go off.

Change Clothes

Sounds like common sense, right? According to the Washington Post, advising your parents to change their clothes as soon as they walk in their house, especially during pollen-heavy seasons, can reduce the number of irritants that enter the air in their home. Rid clothes of pollen by recommending a hypoallergenic detergent such as All Free and Clear.

Ducts Cleaning

Uncleaned air ducts are full of harmful, unhealthy elements. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association says that approximately 40 pounds of dust is created each year by normal everyday activities in an average six-room home. Dust and contaminants can make it harder for your aging parent to breathe. Remove contaminants on a routine basis by relying on a certified professional, such as Stanley Steemer technicians, who are trained to clean a home’s heating and cooling system.


More than 100,000 species of mold exist in the world, explains the Indiana State Department of Health. Mold buildup in home could fill the air with spores, and no one wants to breath in that type of air. Be aware of musty mold smells, and contact a local company that specializes in mold removal. Some states, including Indiana, also advise their citizens to contact the state’s Department of Health for help and information on ways to eliminate mold.


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