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7 Flat Belly Tricks You Shouldn’t Miss Out On


Who wouldn’t like to look slim and smart?

It is even better if you are a tad muscular, but everybody is attracted to a lean body. The last thing you want anyone to be looking at is a drooping paunch, which would actually look you way older than your real years. Your dream looks can be destroyed with the onset of obesity and it is a problem which is now plaguing no less than a third of the adult American population.

A lot of overweight and obese women are inclined to lose fat not for their health, but for the sake of their appearance and physical beauty. Whatever may be your reason, no one would discourage you to get a lean and flat belly. However, it is easier said than done. The following are 7 of the proved and most sought after flat belly tricks.

Flat Belly Tricks
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Punch Your Belly In

It is not really as painful and hard as it sounds but adding boxing practice to your cardio work out routine could do wonders to achieving your goal. Throwing out punches in quick succession could prove very effective for trimming your mid section and tones your abs. An intense punching routine could actually help you lose a lot of calories and will produce visible results to your belly muscles. :Carry out a punching exercise for up to 7-8 minutes everyday with up to 2 pound weights and one session of similar duration without weights and see the results.

Punch Your Belly In
Source: Flickr

Minimize Sugar in Your Diet

You would really want to capitalize the power of your body to help reduce your belly fats. The best and probably the easiest thing you could do for that is to take sugar out of your diet, or minimize it as much as possible. Keeping sugar low in your diet will stimulate a hormone known as glucagon, while also keeping insulin levels low at the same time. Glucagon is helpful to cut down on fat and will help you get a flat belly before too long.

Take Table Salt & Soy Sauce Out of Your Diet

Not a lot of people would be paying attention to this flat belly trick but table salt could actually prove counterproductive to your belly fat loss campaign due to high sodium constitution. You should instead opt for sea salt or Kosher salt. Furthermore, make sure that you cannot find a trace of soy sauce in your diet. Taking care of these factors will help you avoid bloating.

Use the Stability Ball

One of the greatest favors you can do to your flat belly workout campaign is using the stability ball. You should carry out the ball exchanges at least 10 to 12 times per session, each one at least three times a week. Do the ball routine by lying flat on your back and raising your arms holding the ball above your chest, while lifting your legs to meet the ball. Once you do that, place the ball between your legs and bring it down to the floor level.

Put Building Abs Muscles Last

When you are looking to flatten your belly and get rid of the fat, it is not wise to jump straight to abs exercises and concentrate all your energies on it. You should instead have a steady approach with the greatest focus on diet, then on cardio, then on building muscles and then the abs. You should devote more time. Such as 20 to 30 minutes a day on cardio, 10 to 15 minutes on muscle building and maybe 5 minutes for abs exercise while you are still looking to lose belly fat.

Eat Portion Controlled Meals

Instead of having two large meals in the day, eat several small portion controlled meals spread out throughout the day. You should include monounsaturated fats and whole grain food sources in your diet as well. These food sources will help curb your hunger urges and offer better nutrition, apart from effectively burning fat

Laugh Heartily

You can flatten your belly and tone your abs with the most minimal of effort by simply laughing.



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