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Archive for the ‘Health and Fitness’ Category

Top 10 Body – Weight Exercises for Women

Weight is something that most people are heavily obsessed with. Seldom will we find people who are completely satisfied with their weight and their body proportions. Women like to stay fit and healthy, and there is a considerable range of exercises that are effective which will be discussed in this article. Push-ups are the classic body exercise. Lie facing the  [ Read More ]


Top 6 Summer Diet Foods for Weight Loss

Lose of Excess Weight – Various Food Items That Regulate Your Diet Weight loss is one of the major problems among many people at present and you may be confused in taking foods to reduce the excess weight in a considerable rate. You should be more concentrating on dieting process during summer days since the dehydration is also more. Taking  [ Read More ]


Signs that you need your Eyes Examined

Eyes are a very sensitive organ and demand proper care. You need to treat them well to make sure that they keep functioning properly and assist you to see for a very long time. It is common knowledge that you need to visit your eye specialist annually for a regular checkup. However, there arise conditions which demand that you make  [ Read More ]


Green juices for your healthy eyes

Benefits of Green juices Did you know that a natural green juice helps to defeat eye problems, infections, joint disease and even the cancer. Green juice means juicing raw veggie and vegetables and fruits, things like green spinach, mint, cucumbers, lemon, and a host of other ingredients. The juice catches most of the nourishment so it all goes quickly to  [ Read More ]


Do Athletes Need More Proteins Than the Rest of Us?

The answer is yes, but that’s only due to their regimented training schedules, and their additional requirement is approximately an extra 0.5 grams per kilogram of bodyweight per day. Once your muscles have energy available to them, what determines the type of fuel they use? You do, to an extent, depending on how physically fit you are and how hard  [ Read More ]


Should You Find Out the Gender of Your Baby?

Finding out you’re expecting a baby is usually an occasion for much celebration. Whether you’re trying or not, a positive result is always accompanied by at least a small sliver of surprise which quickly gives way to elation. For many people, however, the surprises stop there. These are the people who are determined to find out every little thing about  [ Read More ]


Six Top Healthy Tips for Prevention of Cold and Flu

Did you know how crushing it could be to have your colleague avoid your handshake or even your presence because of your cold and flu? Are you cold/flu-phobia? Or did you avoid your co-workers who are sized by cold/flu symptoms? Below are some basic healthy tips on how you can prevent cold/flu. These healthy tips are supported by doctors, paramedics  [ Read More ]