5 things you should never do while Dieting

Dieting is other side of the coin when it comes to weight loss. It is the best option for those who are too lazy for workout or those people whose work schedule is very tight and do not have time for doing exercise. But dieting requires a lot of planning. If dieting is not done properly, it can make you weak internally. Dieting requires a lot of knowledge before starting it properly. It is good to read some good books and journals on dieting before making an actual move towards dieting.


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Here are some of the things which one should never do while on dieting :-

  1. Never set impractical goals:-Many diets promise that a person will lose many pounds in just 3 days. But such diets show their magic just for 1 week. The milestones should be practical and the weight loss process should be stable and steady.
  2. Never be intermittent– Beginning a diet meal and then not doing it on a regular basis won’t give you any sound results. It is important to stick with the routine which you have planned. However, you can treat yourself with your favorite dish once in fortnight. You can choose to eat healthy soups or salads in an outing with friends.
  3. Never compromise on proper Indian main-course food- Chapatti and rice are favorite meals. Indians always prefer these in their main course meals.You cannot rely on salads always. Serve yourself with proper main course meal in lunch.
  4. Never make yourself hungry– Never ever go for a diet that will make you starve. Dieting is all about choosing low calorie food in place of high calorie food. The diet plans which state that you have to reduce your chapatti count is absolutely illogical. Instead you have to replace that one chapatti with a healthy salad.
  5. Never give up dieting in the middle– Dieting is something for which you will have to be regular and consistent. It is important to motivate yourself and then only you will have inner power to do it. You start feeling more positive when your diet plan starts working.

According to various studies dieting is a very good solution towards weight loss. After all, our body shape is the consequence of what we are eating. But dieting should be done in a smart way. Your body should not be deprived of proper proteins and vitamins while dieting. One can also go for ReShape: intragastric balloon weight loss system which is an effective way of losing weight.